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“Satoyama Experience”
Getting a glimpse into the lifestyle of authentic Japan, participating in local customs and culture, or partaking in the joy and pleasure of everyday life in rural Japan – these are the examples of what we call “Satoyama Experience”.

The Satoyama Potager

Few steps out from our front desk is our small farm garden, the Satoyama Potager, filled with herbs and flowers. Seen at the potager are; a decorative table and chairs covered with seasonal greens, a garden shed with grass-covered roof, and sections of organic farming which provide fresh harvest to our kitchen.
The Satoyama Potager is designed and delivered in hope to give a glimpse into the joy of the largest industry in the region, farming.

Satoyama Glamping

Glamorous camping, or simply “Glamping”, is a today’s trend in outdoor experiences, combining the enjoyment of true outdoor fun and the convenience of being in reach of modern necessities such as bath, bathrooms, restaurants and all other services.
To seize the subtle beauty of Nothern Ibaraki nature, our Satoyama Glamping in extraordinary setting offers a brand new view on how to enjoy rural Japan.
A tent, large enough for four adults to comfortably sleep in, is setup atop of specially designed platform 2 meters above ground. Next to the tent is another platform as a living area with a table and reclining chairs, perfect for relaxing under the stars or by lush green.

Satoyama Barbecue

Do you love eating fresh local produce? Do you enjoy eating outdoor? Then we have a perfect lunch/dinner venue for you! Introducing full-service Satoyama Barbeque in our Satoyama Potager.
You may pick your own vegetable from the farm garden in front of you, you may delight your tongue with flavorful local wagyu “Satomi” beef, you may devise your own bbq sauce with variety of herbs thriving by the garden, or you may indulge yourself with locally brewed, and world famous, Hitachino Nest Beer under the sun. The Satoyama’s bounty is there for you to enjoy!