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Cuisine at the Satoyama Hotel

Here we introduce variety of food options for those staying at the Hotel. Varies from traditional Japanese to modern Italian, but they all filled with freshly harvested local produce, and with respect and love to those who make them. Please enjoy the “once-in-a-lifetime cuisine” for their combinations will never the same.

Japanese course dinner “Satoyama Hassun”

Themed around fermentation, which occupies a very important place in traditional Japanese cuisine, the course offers an insight to rural Japanese feast as well as an opportunity to find the taste of season’s bounty.
*Note that the ingredients used in the course are subject to change without notice based on supply.

Italian Dinner Course “Satoyama Nuovo”

An authentic Italian style dinner course, filled with seasonal vegetables delivered directly from the farmers along with locally grown Japanese wagyu beefs and fresh river fish made available by pristine stream as well as tasteful marine fish caught ashore northern Ibaraki.
    8 dishes course
  • 1.Appetizer to enjoy the season’s ingredients
  • 2.Today’s soup
  • 3.Chef’s special pasta
  • 4.Fish
  • 5.Glanita
  • 6.Bisteca of Local wagyu beef filet
  • 7.Desert
  • 8.Coffee and petiful

    *Note that ingredients may vary depending on season and supply.

Japanese Breakfast

THE Japanese style breakfast, but filled with local produce.
A set of local rice, miso soup and grilled fish is accompanied by a mini buffet of Japanese deli handmade by local grannies.

Gourmet suitable for small and locally supported hotel

Plenty of mouthwatering food, but nobody brags about them. That’s how people are in Ibaraki prefecture. Our hope is to take those ingredients and stories behind their producers to be delivered to you and many others, on our dishes while they are at its peak taste.

Challenge to the “Zero Food Mileage”

Everybody knows it is best to eat freshly harvested food cooked with healthy seasonings without additives. Everybody knows meal are most enjoyable when you have them with people you care with ease.
We strive to deliver such “ideal” through our dishes. For this reason, we cultivate our own edible garden at the hotel, keep close contact and communicate with local farmers, ultimately to achieve zero food-mileage where all ingredients are coming into your mouth with least impact on environment as well as on its freshness.


    Our head chef and a young CEO of Kurihara Farm

  • 地産の野菜地産ならではの新鮮な食材。

Taste of ingredients, taste of Satoyama

“There were times when I valued how much I could ‘cook’ without depending on ingredients. But that has change after returning from Tokyo to Ibaraki, and had my first child.
Trust in the ingredients and its producers. Keep in mind that we are here to support the ingredients and try not to cook or meddle with them too much. My best interest now is how I can pass on the ingredients handed from their producers to my guests with least arrangement now.”
“Northern Ibaraki is a unique place where people nurture many different indigenous food along with many, and very rare in Japan in most cases, European vegetables essential to Italian or French cuisine. It is all thanks to the hard works of farmers and to nutrient rich soil of the land.
For it, I intend to comprise my courses with seasoning that matches the seasons, resulting in ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ combination of ingredients, cooking method, and taste.

Procurement with Satoyama style

Many of the food used at the hotel are procured directly from local producers. But did you know many of the staffs and their families, who also lives in the area, are producers themselves. Wheat, buckwheat, vegetables, and rice, to name a few. Staffs brings along as they commute to the hotel, thinking how to entertain our guests of the day.
We believe such direct procurement gives a value-added culinary experience to our guests, while it also is significant to stimulate regional economic cycle directly.

Kazuho Kanari

Kazuho Kanari

Kazuho Kanari

Head chef of the Satoyama Hotel and Ristorante Rocco.
Born in Kita-Ibaraki city of northern Ibaraki in 1982. Began his training in Italian cuisine since the age of 18, and gathered experiences in providing Italian from casual to high-class, and from small-scale to wedding settings.
After returning from Tokyo to Ibaraki, Kazuho served as a head chef at local wedding chapel while privately apprenticing himself to a master French chef, Mr. Sato of the Au Bon Viveur (Mito).
He spends his leisure time visiting farmers and fishing, which he started wishing to enjoy with his baby children one day.