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Stargazing Hour hosted by the Star Guide Girl

A qualified owner of a "starry star guidance", Onose of the Satoyama hotel's air (Sora) girl, select the constellation and the star you want to see the most on the day the sommelier. It is a "starry sky talk" that enjoys constellation formation and observation points in the clear air of Satoyama.

◆Special Offer

For those who participate in the starry sky talk, give a kit of the Hayami board of the constellation! To enjoy pleasant night sky, at the time from arrival to the starry sky talk You can make your own.

The Forest in the Frame workshop

◆Activities at the Hotel Atelier
The satoyama of the future will change from green to yellow, from red to brown wearing vivid colors. It is an activity to create "Forest in the Frame" which puts that relaxation in a wood frame. The staff who is also active as a hotel gardener will help you to create a forest frame to decorate in your room. Please enjoy with your family.

River Activities

t is a very popular activity enjoying Satoyama landscape from the water surface while descending in the canoe in the Nakagawa river. Canoe / mountain guide · rescue certified qualified instructor "Stormfield" who loves the nature of Nakagawa ___ ___ 0 gently guides you, so beginners can relax with confidence. After having enjoyed the river descent all the time, get on with a BBQ lunch on the riverbed. It is a plan perfect for a wacky family.

※With our reservation, Satoyama Hotel will arrange for external activities on your behalf.

“Kokedama” Moss-ball Making Workshop

Activities at the Hotel Atelier

Activity to create "Moss Jade" which is attracting attention as a recent popular green interior using nature of Satoyama Hotel. The staff who is also active as a hotel gardener will help you make a moss that wraps the roots of plants spherically and gathers moss politely. Why do not you make a palm-sized satoyama together?